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Who Am I?

I'm nobody, just an ordinary woman who's madly in love with brown, cream, gray and black. Crazily a cats and rilakkuma lover. Movie and food addicts.

Named Dewita Elda, was born on April 2, 1997 and an Aries person.

I really love blogging because it can be a place to confide something, or we can say it's like my life journal or DIARY. Back to the old days, I used to buy a special book for my diary. An ancient human habits.

Well, the first time I knew blogger when i was in a junior high school, i forgot when exactly the year was, maybe it was around 2011 and I immediately became an active blogger.

Oh and about my nicknames, i usually called DAEL by my close friends. Some are calling me EL.

Nothing much i can tell on this page, if there's anything you'd like to ask, you can contact my twitter @dewitaelda or if you have any private questions, you can ask my line id through twitter DM.

Best Regards: Dewita Elda

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  1. Salam Kenal ya.. kunjungi blog ku juga ya :)