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Rabu, 27 September 2017

Agust D Mixtape Fanmade Album

"My monster named success that i traded my youth for, he wants a bigger wealth."

BTS SUGA's 1st MIXTAPE : "Agust D" [Fan Made]

Finally, finished making this majestic Agust D Mixtape Fanmade Album!! In case you don't know, Suga's mixtape isn't for sale and there's only digital album. But i couldn't help, i want to touch his magnificent work with my own hands! I saw a few photos of his phycical mixtape fanmade album on internet, so i spent a whole day to design the tracklist (i used that photo as my reference for the tracklist) and back cover art by myself.

After i posted them on my SNS, my friends got jealous and some of them asked me for make them one. But we knew his mixtape isn't for sale at all. But because they kept begging, so i tried to make another for them. Of course they still payed me for my work but i'm not selling them for public, just for my friends who asked me. After all, i'm so happy they asked me to, because that's mean my work is pretty good and i'm so satisfied.

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